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“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”




A non-profit organization committed to preserving marine ecosystems through the engagement of local communities, scientific research and protecting biodiversity. We are regenerating damaged coral reefs by establishing ocean and land-based coral nurseries.


We transplant coral clones onto degraded areas of the reef. When these coral fragments grow, they help to recreate reef habitats. This allows marine life to return and strengthens the reef against future damage.

La Coralina Bay

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Image by Jeremy Bishop




The sea is our home. It inspires us and gives us life. We respect its power. We admire its beauty. The natural order of its ecosystems and marine life. We understand that we depend on it to survive as species. That's why today we want to stand for the reefs of our Mother Ocean. 

Reefs are very important because they regulate the temperature of our planet, they protect our homes from hurricanes and big waves. They provide us food. And they give us part of the oxygen we use to breathe.

But sadly the reefs are dying, and their colors are changing. Due to global warming, pollution and sea acidification among other things, little by little they are disappearing.  

Through creative and scientific collaboration, we believe in the power of our community to bring a significant change for reversing this crisis. We are regenerating damaged coral reefs by establishing ocean-based coral nurseries. 

We want to create awareness and fight for a healthy ocean. We are on the mission  to save the reefs. One Ocean. One Future. One Tribe. One Nation. 

Join our movement. Let's save the corals together. 

Image by Marek Okon



We are on the mission to save the reefs. Everyday we are working hard to achieve this goal by creating awareness and fighting for a healthy ocean. Don't miss out our latest missions to protect what we love the most. 

Coral Restoration

PHASE 1: A six-months period test of regenerating damaged coral reefs by establishing ocean-based coral nurseries. To help them grow easily we farm corals and create different structures. We built two artificial reefs offset from the natural reef to create fish habitats. We planted acropora corals from different parts of the archipelago on the artificial reefs and also on the natural reef. Once the corals grow and reach maturity they will spawn. The waves will take the eggs and sperm onto the natural reef and more corals will grow there. The corals we planted in Phase 1 are growing quickly. 

PHASE 2: We will plant the corals and these will be cleaned and measured every two weeks to monitor their growth rate. In addition, we will consistently measure the biogeochemical and physical parameters of the water in order to analyze water quality. 

Research and lab
Our scientists are monitoring the growth of the corals we planted and researching for improving our reef restoration methods and knowledge. 

New Reefs 
We are constantly researching and looking for new areas to expand our Coral restoration project in order to achieve our mission to save the reefs. 

Image by Linus Nylund




Support participatory conservation and coral reef restoration by adopting a coral. 

In the last 40 years, almost half of the world’s reefs have been lost. The main cause is a warming climate, in addition to overfishing and human pollution. We are taking action to resolve the problems our reefs are facing. We aim to save the coral reefs through education and coral reef restoration. Join us for saving corals together. 


We are here to answer your questions.

La Coralina Bay

Bocas del Toro, Panama

T: (507) 6788 8992

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